Friday, March 2, 2012

Swiffer Dusting Product Review

I'm not a huge fan of housework (and I'm wary of anyone who is). I like to cook and laundry doesn't bother me, but when it comes to getting down and dirty with cleaning products, I am rarely inspired. When Mike and I were looking for media center and bookshelf combos, we found a unit we loved (and that fit PERFECTLY in our space) but it was in a dark colored wood, which I knew would show dust really easily. The deal on the Crate and Barrel unit was too much to pass up, so we purchased it, assembled it, and fell in love with it. 

(Ignore the bottom right messy shelf, that one is Mike's)

I, however, did not fall in love with dusting it. 

That is until I discovered Swiffer Dusters used with Swiffer Dust and Shine Spray.

This stuff works like a charm. I lightly spray the spray on the surface and then wipe dust away with the duster.

Here are my dark shelves two weeks after dusting! They still look great.

And after I swiped my finger on the surface I only picked up a small amount of dust.

I love a cleaning product that works so great that I can actually clean less! I recommend these to EVERYONE, especially those who hate dusting. 

What's your least favorite chore? Is these a cleaning product that you swear by?


  1. You are still talking about swiffer.
    (having flash backs to you and Tammy in your kitchen with oven mitts)


    1. I will never stop talking about Swiffer!

  2. Swiffer dusters are GREAT!

    And WOW! You weren't kidding when you said that that shelf was MADE for your space. Talk about a perfect fit!

    1. I can only hope that it fits as well in the next place we live.

  3. Love Swiffer so much. I have their WetVac AND the duster and don't know how I ever did without either. :D

    I love your shelves vs. Mike's shelves. :)

    1. I don't have the wet vac but I have wet cloths for the regular broom.

      Mike's shelf is MUCH better now (older photo you know, when the living room was all tidy) since I bought him an accordion folder for all his papers, haha.