Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pacifico on Pacific and Smith Streets in Boerum Hill

Mike and I love to eat. We cook a lot at home but we like to make time to go out to dinner twice a week as well. One time is "date night" and the other is "Tamara just got back from night class and Mike just got back from work at 8:30pm and we're both too tired and hungry to cook" night. This week we decided to visit an old favorite, Pacifico in BoCoCa for some delicious Mexican food.

We were pleasantly surprised when we saw a new* dinner specials menu announcing that Monday nights are $3 taco nights! AWESOME. An order of two tacos is usually $9.50. I'm pretty consistent in my ordering at Pacifico which is strange for me because I enjoy trying new foods. However, when I find something that's great, I will order it over and over again. My usual go-to here is the steak quesedilla, but I could not turn down $3 tacos. I ordered two, a steak and a yardbird, while Mike ordered four (fatty), yardbird, steak, chicken, and pork. I decided the steak was the best because it tasted a lot like the quesedilla that I love only without the cheese, while Mike preferred the pork.

Some of our other favorite Pacifico menu items are the homemade tortilla chips, fish tacos, chicken enchilladas, and the traditional house margaritas! Pacifico is a great place for a casual date or to meet up with a group of friends. 

What's your favorite Mexican dish?

*New to us because we haven't been in a while and thus aren't sure how long this new dinner special has been happening.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Essie Brooch the Subject

Those of you that know me, know that I am a nail biter desperately trying to kick the habit once and for all. I once chewed an entire nail up to the cuticle. It was not pretty. Fortunately, I have come a long way from that low point. I no longer bite my nails to the nubs and have even gone as long as 6 weeks without biting a single nail! My goal is to make it to three months of no biting, and ultimately never bite again. I had to reset the clock a few weeks ago after a serious nail biting binge brought on by the school semester starting, but tomorrow will officially be 2 weeks since I last bit a nail. GO ME! 

I find that keeping my nails painted definitely helps me with not biting. I'm a huge fan of bright in your face colors, but also know how to appreciate a good neutral shade when I find it. I'm probably late jumping on the bandwagon of this trend, but I am absolutely loving nude nails! While wearing Essie's Brooch the Subject from their Winter 2011 Cocktail Bling line, I barely even noticed my nails because they blended in with my skin so well. This shade is great for casual wear but can also be dressed up as it won't clash with anything! There are lots of great nudes out there, so find a shade that suits your skin tone best.

Essie's Brooch the Subject shown with Teenage Dream by Katy Perry for OPI

Natural light

Interior light

You can find Brooch the Subject as well as other Essie polishes at drug stores, beauty supply stores, Target, Amazon, or your local salon can order a bottle for you.

What's your favorite nail color? Any bad habits you're trying to break?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Product Review: Ekobrew Cup

Apparently I'm a failure at blogging. One post three months ago and then I disappear. Well that is about to change my friends! This blog will likely take a new direction. Rather than writing about all the places I try and adventures I have, I'll likely be doing more product reviews and musings. I just don't get out as much as I'd like! With that, here is my first product review post!

I purchased the Ekobrew cup a few months after receiving my Keurig coffee maker from my dear brother as a wedding gift. During those few months, I struggled to find a coffee flavor available in k-cups that I enjoyed drinking. Not to mention, I felt bad about the amount of waste every k-cup produced. Some Google searching and Amazon review reading (see my Amazon video review here) led me to the Ekobrew refillable cup for Keurig. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I can use any kind of coffee I desire (I particularly like organic Rainforest Blend coffee) and the only waste is the used up coffee grinds which can be composted. The cup has a built in filter, cleans really easily, and fits perfectly in my Keurig. I can drink one cup of my favorite coffee and be a friend to the environment. I call that a win-win!

What's your favorite kind of coffee? Do you even own your own coffee maker?