Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pacifico on Pacific and Smith Streets in Boerum Hill

Mike and I love to eat. We cook a lot at home but we like to make time to go out to dinner twice a week as well. One time is "date night" and the other is "Tamara just got back from night class and Mike just got back from work at 8:30pm and we're both too tired and hungry to cook" night. This week we decided to visit an old favorite, Pacifico in BoCoCa for some delicious Mexican food.

We were pleasantly surprised when we saw a new* dinner specials menu announcing that Monday nights are $3 taco nights! AWESOME. An order of two tacos is usually $9.50. I'm pretty consistent in my ordering at Pacifico which is strange for me because I enjoy trying new foods. However, when I find something that's great, I will order it over and over again. My usual go-to here is the steak quesedilla, but I could not turn down $3 tacos. I ordered two, a steak and a yardbird, while Mike ordered four (fatty), yardbird, steak, chicken, and pork. I decided the steak was the best because it tasted a lot like the quesedilla that I love only without the cheese, while Mike preferred the pork.

Some of our other favorite Pacifico menu items are the homemade tortilla chips, fish tacos, chicken enchilladas, and the traditional house margaritas! Pacifico is a great place for a casual date or to meet up with a group of friends. 

What's your favorite Mexican dish?

*New to us because we haven't been in a while and thus aren't sure how long this new dinner special has been happening.


  1. I really want to love tacos, but I hate corn tortillas :( So, I usually opt for burritos or quesedillas instead.

    1. It's the fillings that really matter anyway, right?