Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Product Review: Ekobrew Cup

Apparently I'm a failure at blogging. One post three months ago and then I disappear. Well that is about to change my friends! This blog will likely take a new direction. Rather than writing about all the places I try and adventures I have, I'll likely be doing more product reviews and musings. I just don't get out as much as I'd like! With that, here is my first product review post!

I purchased the Ekobrew cup a few months after receiving my Keurig coffee maker from my dear brother as a wedding gift. During those few months, I struggled to find a coffee flavor available in k-cups that I enjoyed drinking. Not to mention, I felt bad about the amount of waste every k-cup produced. Some Google searching and Amazon review reading (see my Amazon video review here) led me to the Ekobrew refillable cup for Keurig. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I can use any kind of coffee I desire (I particularly like organic Rainforest Blend coffee) and the only waste is the used up coffee grinds which can be composted. The cup has a built in filter, cleans really easily, and fits perfectly in my Keurig. I can drink one cup of my favorite coffee and be a friend to the environment. I call that a win-win!

What's your favorite kind of coffee? Do you even own your own coffee maker?

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  1. Mocha Java from D'Amico Foodsin Cobble Hill is my favorite!